Our Story

After traveling to Haiti in 2011 and partnering with Haitian nationals on earthquake recovery projects we fell in love with the country and the people of Haiti.
We saw a country that had such amazing potential but lacked a resource we so often take for granted which is education. Currently only around 20% of children have access to public education. In working with our translators we quickly realized that this was the missing piece in changing opportunity in this country. Because these men had an education they were now on their way to a medical and law degree, both professions that could bring change to their communities.
Falling in love with the people and the interactions we’ve had over coffee has led us to start Three Stones. The name comes from the concept that it takes three stones to support a kettle and cook a meal which is shared communally. In Haitian culture cooked food has no owner. In regards to education these three stones are Education, Empowerment and Action. Our hope is that by sharing single origin coffee from small farms around the world and highlighting the unique differences in them much like the people of those countries we can support education in this amazing country while sharing a cup and conversation with you.